Why is Traveling Solo so Addictive?

Nicole Bogott

The Thrill of Reinventing Yourself


What is it about travelling solo that gets people so hooked that it becomes hard to ever stop? I give you the answer right away: It is the thrill of invincibility! You can stop reading now. Thanks for your attention.

Why do you want to read about “travel addicts”? Are you puzzled by what drives others to continuously being on the move or are you an “addict” yourself?

I do not know if you have ever been on a true adventure but if you are seeking one then hitting the road solo might be just about perfect for you!

Travelling on your own is one of the most thrilling quests you can go on. Many “addicts” can attest: Once you started exploring it never seems like it will ever be enough. The moment you got a taster of it you are infected – period!

Though, what is the reason behind this phenomenon? Myth vs. Truth!

This is the myth: On average people say that it is about their fascination with seeing foreign countries, tasting foreign foods and meeting foreign people living a different kind of life.

But this can simply not be true.

Here comes the truth. Ready? It is never about observing other people in a foreign environment. You cannot become part of another country. You can only discover a new part of yourself.

It is about the solo traveler suddenly living a different kind of life other than the one they had at home. So, it is never about where they ended up, really!

Think about it!

When you are on the road – alone – you lose part of your identity

Does that make sense?

No one on the road knows you. Other people you meet neither know nor care about your past: Not about your habits, the things you have said or done… For them it is about being in the now.

While travelling solo you are suddenly a person not just unknown to others but also you become a person unknown to yourself – and that is exciting. This leads to addiction.

You start out fresh. You get a second chance. You gain freedom. And it is this freedom that is so intriguing. You get the opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Suddenly, you can try out being whoever you want to be: On the road people become reporters, they become adventurers, fishermen, explorers, photographers, nomads, farmers, authors or even philosophers … even if it is just for one single day. But on this day you are invincible! This day becomes memorable! This day is extraordinary… and special!

It is never about observing others. Ultimately, travelling is about the feeling: Wow, I can be that too.

And out of the sudden you feel really alive and free

This is neither good nor bad. It is just another way of self-discovery. Being solo on the road is about gaining perspective.

A woman travelling solo once told me: “When you make choices on the road you know: Maybe the next move will be good. Maybe it will be crap. I like the maybe! “

She is right. It is the maybe that it is all about. Maybe means choices, opportunities and transitions.The solo trip is about giving up your sense of identity and equally about losing sense of urgency and perfection. It is about forgetting what day of the week it is and not caring at all to find out. Travelling changes your image about yourself and ultimately about the world as a whole.Traveling is about sensing that freedom can mean so many different things for different people. Freedom could mean enjoying your job. Freedom could mean owning a flat. Equally freedom could mean travelling the world with a nice tune in your ear.

Traveling Solo?

Freedom is about trusting you can do it.

Freedom is about choosing whom to listen to.

Freedom is about choosing what to believe.

Freedom is about being creative.

Freedom cannot be given but freedom can be offered.

And ultimately freedom can only be taken.