Why you should hate Life.

Shaaz Nasir

Mind the Gap takes an extremely positive outlook on life, from economics to fashion and everything in between. Today we will try something very different, lets get negative. Real negative. I suppose people have difficulties relating to the uplifting  message MTG brings to the table. So let’s flip this table and run rampant. Be warned this is odd.

“No matter how hard you try someone will look better, be smarter, run faster thus one should never try. All you will do is experience failure. When you see people succeed, get angry and blame them for doing so well, not your own insecurities. Find something you fear? Simple, just push it away as far as you can while marginalizing for more insecurities. Never understand it. You don’t write your own destiny as your geographic location shackles you to the ground as dreams are simply that, dreams.  People are born rich you were not so stop trying. See a group of people, do not engaged they will judge you and see all your flaws. Jealousy is a feeling that must be embraced as it is your only true driving force to success not practice or reasons.  This world is shitty and our existence does not matter; you do not matter. Think small because that is what we are.”


Wow, I feel bad for those who actually feel that way. Clearly, MTG’s outlook on life is a tad more sane and mentally stable.

So take your negativity and feel it, understand it, shape it, control it but never accept it.

Keep in mind, negativity is a vicious cycle that will not guide you to happiness. Which is all we want right?