A Young Women’s Guide to Perfecting Her Wardrobe

Brooke Timpson

1)     Use Vintage Lipstick Tubes

This is an easy and inexpensive way to add a unique touch to your make-up accessories and wardrobe’s look.

Simply acquire vintage lipstick tubes from vintage shops or online auctions. Make sure to take apart your vintage tube and clean off any grime or old lipstick residue with rubbing alcohol, warm water, and soap.

Next, to ensure easy removal, freeze the tube of lipstick that you want to transfer to the vintage tube in the freezer for 2-3 hours.  Once the lipstick has been frozen, twist the container’s base so the lipstick is sticking all the way out of the tube.

To avoid fingerprints, bacteria transfer, and smudging, use a piece of wax paper to help you wiggle and remove the frozen lipstick from its container.

Lastly, use the wax paper to push the frozen lipstick into the base of the vintage container. Twist the tube to retract the lipstick once it has been pushed into the base and continue to use the wax paper if adjustments need to be made.

2)     Invest In Pearls

Not only are pearls a timeless and elegant piece that can help dress up a casual look or complete a more ritzy outfit, they’re also easy to alter and change.

Longer strands of pearls are a great investment because they can be used in many ways. Try keeping the strand long, layering it to create multiple strands, or twisting it to create a fuller bracelet.

Another great thing about pearls is that it is easy and relatively inexpensive to have them restrung. By visiting a trusted jeweler, you can have a long strand of pearls restrung to create multiple pieces such as a shorter necklace and bracelet, complete with customized clasps. Any leftover pearls can be saved for when you’re ready to have them restrung again or can be used and incorporated, with the help of a jeweler, into other pieces like brooches or pendants.

Also, always remember that pearls are porous and can easily be tarnished by perfumes, lotions, smoke, and sweat. Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

3)     Add a Ribbon to Your Hair

It might seem like a simple and almost child-like addition to your hairdo, but ribbons are an easy, inexpensive, and quick way to add a classic detail to many looks.

Visit a craft store and pick up a few colours of ribbons. Black, navy blue, and red are easy colours that are subtle and go with anything. Cutting the ends of the ribbon (much like how you would cut ribbons to wrap gifts) also adds a clean detail and eliminates fraying.

Avoid the child-looking ribbons at the end of braids or pigtails and opt to tie your ribbon into a bow at the base of a sleek ponytail, loose bun, or wrap the ribbon around the crown of your head and tie the bow to one side.  Be creative and experiment with ways to incorporate a ribbon into your look. Don’t be afraid to try different sizes, textures, and colours!

4)     Ditch The Pantyhose and Opt For a Pair of Stockings

Who says that stockings are a taboo item that shouldn’t leave the bedroom? When tastefully done, stockings are an easy way to add comfort, selection, and style to your wardrobe.

Start by visiting a hosiery or lingerie shop. A knowledgeable sales associate should be able to help you find the right garter belt to fasten your stockings. Depending on your preference, garter belts can be small and out of the way, or larger and structured to help eliminate problem areas around the stomach and thighs.

When it comes to selecting your stockings, there are many options that can easily jazz up a dress or full skirt. Sticking with nude or a sheer black is always a safe and versatile bet, but adding a single-seamed stocking with a cuban heel can make for a great soft detail.

Stockings are most tastefully worn with full skirts or dresses with a lower hem line. Your garters should not ever be visible. Finding the right lingerie or hosiery shop is an easy way to ensure a proper fit, quality, and length.

5)     Try a Half-Moon Manicure

Trying a half-moon manicure is a nice way to change up a plain solid nail or the easily-to-chip French manicure.

A quality salon should know how to properly create the half-moon manicure, but you can also try your own different variations at home.

Using a single-tone and keeping the half-moon clear is the easiest variation of a half-moon manicure. Simply use paper-hole reinforcements (found at any office supply store) to create a half-moon crescent at the bottom of your nail. Sweep your desired colour over your whole nail and the paper crescent. When dry, remove the paper crescent and apply a layer of topcoat all over the nail.

To do a two-toned half-moon manicure, it’s best to use a light colour for your half-moon. Sweep the half moon colour all over the nail. When dry, use a fine brush to create a crescent shape and colour the top of the nail with the second colour.

You can also use the paper-hole reinforcements to create a two-toned manicure, but note that you must apply the half-moon colour over the whole nail and wait for the nail to be completely dry (about 30 minutes) before applying the paper-hole reinforcements to the bottom of the nail, after which you can continue with painting over the paper reinforcements and whole nail with the second colour.

6)     Use a Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a great alternative to often-bulky wristwatches and add a masculine Dietrich-esque style to office attire or feminine dresses and skirts.

Pocket watches can be bought online or in vintage shops and come in a variety of colours and styles. It’s easiest to first invest in a silver watch because it will most likely go with the majority of your outfits. While some people like to have a two-toned look (the watch and chain are two different colours), it’s often more elegant and easier on the eyes to stick with one colour for the watch and chain.

Tuck your pocket watch into vests, use it as a necklace, wrap the chain around a belt, or keep it simple and tuck it into a pocket on a pair of your favourite trousers.

Pocket watches can be worn with a casual look or can be used as a focal piece with a dressy evening look. Experiment with what works for you. Adding this great detail is an easy way to add some diversity to many looks. In addition, pocket watches are great pieces because they can often be engraved with initials or can hold pictures of loved ones.