A Very Yankee Canada Day Weekend

Sthephany Vasilopoulos van Oordt

For as long as I can remember, I have always celebrated Canada Day in a very Canuck way. By my standards, it is the only day a girl can dress like a total idiot and and tattoo her face with cute little maple leafs. Last year, I turned the glorious Canadian flag into a piece of fancy couture. Topped it off with a maple leaf tattoo on my cheek and some rouge nail polish. Note: red nails are not my forté.

Sadly, if I was to walk around Stockholm with a Canadian flag dress, maple leaf tattoos and a bottle of maple syrup in my hand, I would look like a Canadian alien. So instead, I wore a white dress and paired it off 3 inch red heels.

Luckily, I had gotten my hair done the day before, turned into a desperate Canadian housewife and baked some red velvet cupcakes for my Swedish co-workers. I just had to show ’em what Canucks are all aboot! Sadly the cupcakes turned out more pink as opposed to red; I’m clearly not housewife material.

However, since most of my friends here are American, we decided to celebrate the fourth of July that same weekend. How? By playing some good ‘ol American baseball! We nibbled on some tasty burgers, hot dogs, s’mores and listened to some honky tonk country. We also had a little treat, a whiskey pecan pie!