Do You Smell Bad?

Shaaz Nasir

If you’re a young man, chances are you don’t smell your best right now.

Men make a lot of mistakes when it comes to finding the right fragrance. Most fashion publications only list the top 5 most expressive colognes with over the top descriptions of “hints of cedar and oak”, which does not help the hapless consumer at all.

Don’t worry.

Just follow these key tips on how to find the right fragrance for you and your budget.

You Need Three fragrances

You’re probably using number 3 for your entire day or number 1 and 3 which just produces a strange mix that is nauseating and not sharp. Take it easy and keep your scents simple.

1. Work ($20 to $60)

  • Cologne (citrus based) with scentless deodorant
  • Example: David Beckham’s Instinct +  Mitchum Power Gel

2. Evenings (Price range $50 to $80)

  • Depending on your intent, cologne (wood/oak based)
  • Example: David Beckham’s Classic+  Mitchum Power Gel

3. Sports (Price range $3 to $10)

  • Deodorant (avoid sprays)
  • Example: Gillette Clear Gel

David Beckham is not sponsoring Mindthis. He just happens to produce low cost fragrances that are good enough for the young man. However, as I will explain later on, the scent chooses you and your natural body odor may reject David Beckham’s line. The examples chosen are illustrating your cost as three scents between $70 to $140 is much easier on your wallet than rushing out to buy a designer cologne that may not suit you, wasting $300.

How to Pick these Scents

Now that you understand your budget, find a woman you trust (not your mother) and have her take you around the fragrance section of any large retailer. Be scentless before trying on new scents to avoid any strange mix ups. You need to spray the stuff on your hands/upper arms (depending on how many you want to try out) not those white papers as your body odor must mix well with the scent, this can take 5 mins per fragrance

Understand that the Scent Chooses You

Your natural body odor (not your B.O from soccer but your natural scent) does not mix well with every scent on the market. This search can take ages. It took me about 1 year to find that right scent which was Guilty by Gucci. I hated their tacky advertisements but when I was urged to try it by a friend, everything just fell to place. It was a perfect match. Be open to trying everything and trusting those around you. Fortune favours the bold and the bold tend to smell good.

How to Apply the Scent

Women have a better sense of smell and this means you don’t need to spray your entire body with Axe. Do not drench yourself in overly obnoxious scents. You want to go for the subtle hints and traces of a great aroma. The type of scent that is only noticeable when someone significant  leans in semi close to you.

If you’re wearing cologne for the evening, two sprays are more than enough. One shot to the chest as you want skin exposure for your natural order to mix well. Let that shot sit for 3-5 minutes as you prep your clothes for the day. When you’re wearing your clothes, spray the scent in front of you and walk into it. Fight that urge for that third shot as you’re just going to overdo it.

Match your Scents

The most critical aspect of smelling good is to be consistent. Your cologne should be the main scent on your body not your deodorant or soap. Old Spice smells great as a stand-alone during tennis but heading to work applying that with your Escape by CK is going to cause headaches for everyone.

You must spend time and find scentless deodorant that keeps your sweat in check. I use Mitchum Power Gel that costs $4 and is very effective in neutralizing any odor while allowing your cologne to shine. I live in the Middle East, so if it’s working for me it will work for you. Buy it in bulk.

Common Pitfalls

  • You spray too much
  • You use soap, shampoo, detergent, deodorant, and cologne. That’s 5 different scents. Please use non fragrant options for the first 4
  • You wear the same scent for every event
  • You use Axe or “spray deodorants”
  • You don’t use deodorant

If you’re not following the above guidance then chances are you may not smell your best. Don’t fret as we have shown it’s really simple and cost effective to smell good.

You’re welcome.